OutWord Bound is jointly organised by York LGBT Forum and York LGBT History Month.

York LGBT Forum Logo

The York Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Forum was established in 2006 to act as a strong and unified voice for the local LGBT community.

The Forum recently gained charity status in the summer of 2015.

The Forum is made up of a number of sub groups. Each group is tasked with supporting activities and initiatives in association with the groups theme.

The schools sub group aims to source & provide access to a multitude of LGBT related resources. You can check out our Pinterest board here…..

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Whilst our resource bank is open and available to all, our hope is that the following groups in particular will benefit from the resources available:-

  • LGBT people
  • Schools
  • Parents of LGBT people
  • Groups
  • Agencies
  • The wider community

The group are keen to provide a consultation mechanism and support network to schools and other agencies to help tackle common issues.

Through making our resources available to all, we aim to enhance the health, well being, confidence and self esteem of LGBT people. For non LGBT people, our aim is to raise awareness and make for a more informed society when it comes to the current issues affecting the LGBT community.

Email: yorklgbtforum@gmail.com



York LGBT History Month brings together organisations from across the city to create a programme of events during February. Our aim is to increase public awareness of the place of LGBT people in history. (Side note: LGBT stands for lesbian, gay, bi and trans, but we take it to include any non-heterosexual sexual orientation and any non-cisgender and/or non-binary gender identity, gender expression or sex.)

We bring to light stories that might traditionally have been ignored, working to develop inclusivity, challenge stereotypes and promote understanding. Our programme of events provides a wide variety of ways for the public to learn about these stories.

We also work with schools to help them celebrate LGBT History Month and include LGBT history in their lesson plans. We can support you to develop your plans and produce free resources tailored to your needs.

Past work with schools includes:

  • Producing a set of posters featuring historical “LGBT heroes” from each subject area
  • Providing assembly speakers on the topic of LGBT History Month
  • Supporting schools to develop PSHE lessons on LGBT issues

Can we help your school celebrate LGBT history? Please get in touch, or check out the school outreach pages on our website!

We are also seeking volunteers to expand our work with schools, so if you would like to be involved, please get in touch.

Contact: Kit Heyam (Outreach Coordinator)

Email: kit@yorklgbthistory.org.uk